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Its a little to watch the game but also to listen to the athletic directors, listen to the coaches, get an opportunity to hear things. At this point in the game, its as important to listen as it is to talk. Hollis will have an opportunity to talk after the brackets are unveiled and he faces inevitable backlash from media, fans and even coaches. With that in mind, consider Hollis comments on a variety of topics. Hopefully, they will shed light on the selection process as it unfolds over the next 54 days: *** On the new policy allowing the top seed to pick its location for the rounds of 64 and 32. The only team thats guaranteed its choice is the No. 1 overall seed. Within reason, were looking at anywhere from four to eight schools that well reach out to, to get all the preferences, so when it becomes time to bracket, we already have the answer. *** On complaints about a lack of clarity in the selection process: A lot of people get frustrated. I understand where the coaches are coming from. The question becomes for the coach: What do I need to do to be assured I get into the tournament? That question cant directly be answered. When we get into the (committee) room and were talking about whos in and whos out, the margin between programs is so tight that theres no one criteria. *** On the inevitable bracket outcry: We pick the 32 best teams based upon results. visit this web-siteIts not the most deserving.

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guidance for selection interview

guidance for selection interview