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In an article about Obamas curriculum vitae that questioned, tongue-in-cheek, whether it was up to par enough for him to be hired at a top university, the Chronicle asked a University of Kansas law professor his opinion. referenceStephen R. McAllister, who is also a former KU dean, took a look at Obamas resume and was asked to consider it as if the person submitting it had not been the president of the United States of America. McAllister was also told to have a little fun with his comments. McAllister told the Chronicle that Obamas almost-nonexistent record of legal writing would raise concerns about his academic chops. A sample exam and syllabus from years ago, McAllister said, provide no comfort that he is committed to producing top-quality legal scholarship. Also, McAllister made mention that Obama, a Harvard Law School grad, is 55 years old. Even if hes capable of top-flight work, a hiring committee might wonder if hes hungry enough to do it. We have always been wary of candidates who apply for a position either mid- or late-career, because we worry they are simply seeking to retire to academia. The chronicle also took the liberty of updating Obamas resume for him.

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The Scottish roots of the course ring loud and clear after a quick hello from the bag boy, a long-time employee and resident Scotchman. With an accent so thick, some might need subtitles, Tom Boles talks about the history of the course and the traditions. of the most popular traditions would be the 11th hole chowder. The course stopped doing it for a while, but they plan on bringing it back. Boles recalls, “It went back to 1946 – we started doing the chowder here. It’s an old Scottish tradition. You know; when you make the turn you stop. Of course we didn’t have the soup; we had a little nip of some scotch whiskey.” After a bit of chowder, or whatever helps you sink that putt, you’ll head to the original back nine and then to the club house. It’s worth the trip to the hidden club just to see the expansive 62-room clubhouse, full of southern elegance and charm.

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course for curriculum vitae

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