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Photo: Zach Sheldon New research into the understanding and possible treatment of concussions has been uncovered at the Perelman School of Medicine, all with the help of some iPods. A team of researchers from Penn Medicine and the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia conducted a study of 34 children at CHOP who had recently sustained concussions, aiming to determine the feasibility of the real-time activity monitoring of concussion patients. Douglas Wiebe, lead author of the study and associate professor at Penns Medical School, said the motivation for the study came from a noticeable gap in evidence about the correct way to treat a concussion. The best guidance doctors can give kids right now is typically rest, cognitive and physical rest, and see how youre feeling. But theres no good basis to say that this is the best thing to do, Wiebe said. The study aimed to fill this gap by gathering real-time data on the physical and cognitive activity of concussion patients, and in doing so, determine how feasible and reliable such a method of gathering information, called ecological momentary assessment, truly is. To gather the real-time data, Wiebe and his co-authors developed a protocol, the key to which is an app given on an iPod touch to participants in the study. The app will chime three times a day at random, and will prompt the the patient to report how theyre feeling on a long list of symptoms, including headache, sensitivity to light and nausea. http://wowkevinsimpson.pdxrwa.org/2016/09/15/some-useful-tips-on-speedy-methods-in-interviewRELATED: Penn Medicine study offers hope for future organ transplants If we just asked kids to go to SurveyMonkey at the end of the day and report how they feel, it wouldnt be as effective. Concussion symptoms can be really fleeting and can change over the course of the day. If we just ask once for recall, recall may not be good, and also it may be hard to answer because sometimes they felt good and sometimes they didnt, said Wiebe.

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Therapeutic Radio-pharmaceuticals Radiation has the ability to weaken or destroy malfunctioning cells under certain medical conditions. Unfortunately, symptoms of depression often go unnoticed. Read this article to know what they are! This article gives approximate figures… Fluconazole is seen to be prescribed for people who are allergic to the other forms of medication, or for those who have certain other conditions like heart and liver problems, and diabetes. However, there are certain side effects associated with this drug. Many people are resorting to many types of alternative medicine today, as conventional medications are getting more complicated and also display more side effects. It can be taken on a daily basis during certain times of the year, depending upon the severity of the allergic reaction. Basically an anti seizure medicine, gabapentin is known by the brand name, ‘Neurontin’ in the US.