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The studio is staffed by useful reference robots designed to respond to paranormal activity – and fitted with Eakins’ own brushes and palette from PAFA’s vault – as well as nude models, and, maybe, the spirit of Eakins himself come back to sketch in the institution that forced his resignation in 1886. “Eleven brave souls have signed up to wait to be rendered by the ghost of Thomas Eakins,” Orellana said Tuesday as he began wiring devices fitted with electromagnetic, temperature, and infrared sensors. “This is the machine that will do the work – if a ghost decides to use it.” If anything could revive Eakins’ spirit, it would be the season of Eakins about to begin at PAFA. After Orellana’s installation-meets-seance, the museum will open Thomas Eakins: Photographer, the first exhibition in nearly 20 years of photographs by the artist known for paintings of rowers and for The Gross Clinic. It includes images of Eakins, his friends and family, his teaching process, and his then-daring photos of nudes. Finally, in November, the museum will host a performance and exhibition by Cassils, a gender-nonconforming artist from Los Angeles who makes work that, like Eakins’, confronts the human figure head-on. Cassils, whose own body has been sculpted through exercise and diet, will pummel a 2,000-pound pile of clay for the Dec. 2 performance, illuminated only by the camera flash; it’s a statement on violence against transgender people and on portrayals of the human form. For PAFA contemporary art curator Jodi Throckmorton, the connections between the artists are easy to trace.

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