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Grand jury reports on registrar’s operation of polling sites The grand jury visited seven different polling places in the county. In its response, which the Board of Supervisors approved in late July, the registrar agreed to change some practices and improve others. However, except for the recommendation regarding the set-up of three polling places, according to photographs in the accessibility kits, the registrar partially disagreed with all the other grand jury findings and recommendations. For example, regarding inaccurate addresses for three of the polls, the registrar re-affirmed that all addresses were confirmed by the owners or managers of the sites. Nevertheless, the registrar replied, More attention will be given to including specific building names or numbers [and] more attention will be given to lighting and signage. The grand jury also addressed the training and experience of the poll workers and lamented the inconsistency of their training. In response, the registrar assured the go now grand jury that all polling places had experienced poll workers working on election day [and no] polling place [was] staffed with all new poll workers. But more attention would be given to election-officer training in the future. Another issue involved the security seals on the ballot boxes. The grand jury was concerned that some boxes were not secured sufficiently. However, the registrar replied that the ballot box does not have to be locked but it does have to be sealed. That means at last one intact seal must protect the box from being opened. The ballot box cannot be opened without breaking both seals. It would be impossible to tamper with the paper ballots if one seal is still intact, stated the registrars response With little debate, the board approved the registrars response to the grand jury.

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Well, don’t think hospital copy or a photocopy from your office copier because that is NOT what the people requesting your “official” copy have in mind. In case of mortgage by way of memorandum of entry, the borrower has to sign a declaration stating that he is mortgaging the property to the lender. When you register your domain name you’ll have to the option of making it a private registration. Individuals desiring a job as a top notch cancer registrar are encouraged to seek assistance from an experienced professional who will coach them into a successful career as a cancer registrar. Your original birth certificate must remain on file at the designated vital records agency office of your birth place after being submitted for registration by the attending hospital. If you web designer registers your domain name for you, make sure you are designated as the Administrative contact. Why pay $35 when you can register your domain name for much less at another website? While purchasing a property, the purchaser should do a due diligence exercise and visit the registrars office to see if any prior encumbrances on the property proposed to be purchased by him are there.

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